THE NERC Arctic Research Programme is committed to communicating its research to businesses.

The rapid changes in the Arctic have implications for those already working in the Arctic and those looking for opportunities. Our work has implications for food and energy security, environmental management and societal well-being and has relevance for the insurance, marine navigation and natural resource utilisation sectors to name but a few.

We have already begun to interact with businesses through different channels including a meeting co-organised at the Royal Society in London with the Foundation for Science and Technology (FST) where researchers, industry representatives and policy makers discussed the implications of rapid climate change and the new scientific understanding now developing. We hope to host further such meetings for interested businesses to interact with the Arctic research community and share knowledge for mutual benefit so please contact us if you would be interested in taking part.

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Image credits: British Antarctic Survey. Picture 1: Global Seed Vault, Longyearbyen; picture 2: Ny Alesund in summer; picture 3: Skidoos, Longyearbyen; picture 4: Coal train, Ny Alesund; picture 5: View from Ny Alesund.