Dr Ed Hawkins, Lead Investigator

Dr Ed Hawkins is a climate scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of Reading. His research focusses on modelling changes in the Earth’s climate system using sophisticated Global Climate Models (GCM).

In particular, he is interested in the uncertainty arising from our imperfect understanding of the Earth system and how this affects predictions and forecasts for future climatic change.

The processes governing Earth’s climate on the largest scales, such as global oceanic circulations and the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, are not yet perfectly understood. This means that a variety of scenarios have to be considered for future climatic change, and attempting to quantify and reduce uncertainty helps improve our forecasts and evaluate the risks we face.

Ed has contributed to the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change’s (IPCC) 5th assessment report and writes a blog about his research.

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Contact information

Email: e.hawkins@reading.ac.uk
Phone: 0118 378 7991
Twitter: @ed_hawkins
Twitter: @ClimateLabBook