Dr Iain Hartley, Co-Investigator

Dr Iain Hartley is an ecologist specialising in determining how carbon cycling in terrestrial ecosystems will respond to global change, and how these responses will in turn feedback to alter the rate of 21st Century climate change.

His research focuses on many aspects of global change including elevated CO2, climate change, and alterations in nutrient availability. He has measured plant, soil and whole ecosystem responses, although the main focus has been on plant/soil interactions and below-ground processes. The research involves monitoring processes in the field, as well as manipulative field- and laboratory-based experiments and has required collaborated with plant physiologists, hydrologists, remote sensors and modelers. He has extensive experience in the use of stable and radiocarbon isotopes, and in the measurement of fluxes (CO2, CH4) and stores of carbon in a wide range of ecosystems.

Current projects include investigating the potential role of thermal acclimation/adaptation in determining the long-term response of soil microbial activity to changes in temperature, and determining the role plant biodiversity and landscape position may play in controlling the rates, and biogeochemical implications, of permafrost thaw in northern Canada.

He has consistently published my research in high-impact journals including: Nature Climate Change, Ecology Letters, and Global Change Biology.

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Phone: 01392 724362
Email: I.Hartley@exeter.ac.uk