Dr Ian Brooks, Lead Investigator

Dr Ian Brooks is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds and a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society.

His research focusses on the atmosphere’s boundary layer, the lowest part of the atmosphere which is directly influenced by its proximity to and contact with the Earth’s surface. Within this field, the polar boundary layers are of particular interest to him.

Dr Brooks has undertaken fieldwork around the world, including the Persian Gulf and the South China Sea as well as the Arctic and Southern Oceans. More recently, he has also become increasingly involved with numerical modelling work, having come from a more experimental and observational background.

Besides ACCACIA, Dr Brooks is currently involved in a number of other projects including NERC-funded atmosphere-sea interaction projects WAGES and HiWinGS. These studies examine the exchange of gases such as carbon dioxide between the sea and atmosphere at high wind speeds, where the breaking of waves and production of bubbles become relevant. In addition to the ACCACIA fieldwork blog, he also maintains a personal blog, FrictionVelocity.

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Email: i.m.brooks@leeds.ac.uk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/IanMBrooks
Phone: +44 (0)11 343 6743