Dr Jennifer Muller, Post Doctoral Researcher

Dr Muller is a post-doctoral researcher and responsible for the measurement of a range of trace gases, including the greenhouse gases methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), onboard the UK's Atmospheric Research Aircraft during the MAMM project.

Her expertise lies in the field of atmospheric science, within the disciplines of experimental atmospheric chemistry and physics, meteorology (especially micrometeorology), trace gas measurement techniques & instrumentation, as well as atmospheric-surface exchange over a range of surfaces, including vegetation and ice surfaces.

Dr Muller's research interests are on the whole motivated by the need to understand the impact of anthropogenic, i.e. human activities on life on the planet and particularly so through the interactions and feedbacks of the surface and biosphere with the atmosphere.

Her research efforts have been on understanding the formation, destruction and transport of trace gases in the atmosphere, and quantifying emission and deposition fluxes, in part using micrometeorological techniques for surface flux estimation.

As part of the focus on measurements, she has developed a particular interest in different analytical techniques and their use, optimization and development for field applications, seeking novel approaches to improve measurement capabilities.

Dr Muller is also a member of The Barometer podcast, a free to download podcast about weather, air pollution and climate; produced by atmospheric researchers from the University of Manchester.


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Email: jennifer.muller@manchester.ac.uk
Staff profile: http://www.seaes.manchester.ac.uk/people/staff/profile/?ea=Jennifer.Muller