Dr Jonathan Day, Knowledge Exchange

Dr Day is a Research Scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS), based in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading.

His research interests focus on polar climate variability, predictability and the mass balance of both land and sea ice. He is particularly interested in the predictability and long term variability of Arctic sea ice, its summer minimum extent has halved in area since the 1970s. Understanding the causes of this dramatic decrease is important for predicting the future evolution of the ice cover and the wider regional climate.

Dr Day is presently working on the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) funded Arctic Predictability on Seasonal to Inter-annual time scales (APPOSITE) project. The motivation of this research is to assess the potential for seasonal forecasting in the Arctic and to inform the development of initialised forecast systems. Dr Day is acting as the KE Coordinator for APPOSITE.

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