Dr Juliane Bischoff, Post Doctoral Researcher

I am an Environmental Researcher at Newcastle University, UK that uses tools of organic geochemistry and microbiology to investigate carbon cycling and transport in the Russian Arctic.

My graduate and undergraduate studies were in microbiology and molecular biology. During my diploma thesis, I worked on methanotrophic communities and their response to temperature changes in the active layer of Siberian Permafrost at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany.

During my PhD, I continued working in the Russian Arctic, but focused on much deeper permafrost and lake sediments to reconstruct the changing paleo microbial communities as a response to glacial-interglacial cycles in the Middle- to Late Pleistocene and Holocene on Kurungnakh Island, Siberia and Lake El’gygytgyn (ICDP sites 5011-1 and -3), Chukotka.

I am currently working with Helen M. Talbot in Newcastle University and investigate the abundance and composition of lipid biomarkers, such as Bacteriohopanepolyols, to track soil organic matter that is transported from the Russian permafrost deposits onto the shelf and the Arctic Ocean.

The understanding and quantification of these carbon processes is important because they will increase in scope of the observed and modelled climate change that is particular pronounced in the Arctic.

Contact information

Email: juliane.bischoff@ncl.ac.uk