Dr Mark E. Vardy, Post Doctoral Researcher

Mark Vardy is a post-doctoral researcher, working at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. His research interests are primarily focussed toward the development and application of novel, high-resolution marine seismic acquisition and processing methodologies.

These interests have grown out of his recently completed PhD, which was focussed on the acquisiton and processing of decimetre-resolution 3D seismic volumes using the 3D Chirp sub-bottom profiler. Particular attention has focussed on sampling of the 3D wavefield and methods of regularization to accommodate undersampling prior to pre- or post-stack 3D time migration, along with very high-resolution PSDM imaging using the University of Southampton's custom MCS streamer.

These techniques have been applied to a wide range of targets (both natural and anthropogentic; spanning 10s cm to 10s km in scale) and settings. These include: shallow-water engineering targets in several harbours on the south coast of the UK and Holland; submarine landslide in Windermere, UK Lake District, the Bay of Trondheim and Finneidfjord, central Norway; and pyroclastic density current deposits offshore Montserrat. On-going research is focussed on the geomorphological imaging of shallow-water submarine landslide structures, and retreat dynamics of the terrestrial British and Irish Ice Sheet.

  • High-resolution marine seismic acquisition.
  • Sampling theorem.
  • Pre- and post-stack 3D time migration.
  • Morphologies of shallow-water submarine landslides.
  • Mapping retreat dynamics of terrestrial ice sheets.

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Email: mev@noc.soton.ac.uk