Dr Michelle Cain, Knowledge Exchange

Michelle has been a postdoctoral associate in Professor John Pyle's group at the University of Cambridge since 2009, when she completed her PhD at the University of Reading.

Her work focuses on using field measurements in conjunction with models of the atmosphere to try and improve our understanding of what happens to the different molecules in the atmosphere.

Her role in MAMM is threefold: to help with the mission science in the field; to use models to find out where the methane we measure in the Arctic has come from, and how much is being released; and to communicate to the wider world about the project.

Aside from her role in MAMM, Michelle is a NERC policy placement fellow at Defra, with a remit to provide technical advice to the air quality evidence team on air quality modelling.

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Email: michelle.cain@atm.ch.cam.ac.uk