Dr Tom Rippeth, Co-Investigator

Having graduated from Reading University (Physics and Meteorology) Dr Rippeth moved to Bangor in 1987 to undertake an MSc followed by a PhD in Physical Oceanography.

He was awarded my PhD on "Controls on stratification in a fjordic system" in 1994. Following a spell at the Institute of Ocean Sciences, Vancouver Island Dr Rippeth returned to Bangor and was awarded a Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC) Post Doctoral and then Advanced fellowship. In 2007 he was appointed a Senior Lecturer here at the School of Ocean Sciences.

Although continental shelf seas make up a small fraction of the world's ocean surface (~ 7%), they are areas of intense physical and biological activity and consequently play a major role in linking the terrestrial, atmospheric and oceanic carbon pools.

The focus of Dr Rippeth's research is the identification, quantification and parameterisation of the key physical processes which drive fluxes across the critical interfaces within the continental shelf sea system.

The correct representation of these processes is essential in climate models as it is the control on exchange at these critical interfaces which will determine the interactions and feedbacks between the terrestrial, oceanic and atmospheric components of the Earth System.

The work he does is strongly underpinned through technical developments in our ability to measure turbulence in the ocean.

The Bangor Turbulence and Mixing group, of which he is a member, are the European leaders in the development and implementation of novel techniques for the measurement of turbulent fluxes within the marine environment.

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