Dr Jeremy Wilkinson, Lead Investigator

Dr Jeremy Wilkinson is an expert on sea ice dynamics, thermodynamics and mechanics, ocean wave propagation through sea ice, and deep-convection and water mass modification.

He represents the UK on the Arctic Ocean Science Board (AOSB) / International Arctic Science Committee’s (ISAC) Marine Science Working Group and is a member of the Programme Advisory Board for Arctic Science for the UK funding agency NERC. In addition he is regarded as one of the world experts on the use of AUVs in the polar oceans (under ice experience with Maridan, Autosub, Gavia, Sea-Bed AUVs).

His expertise also extends through a broad range of techniques, from the remote sensing and in-situ monitoring of sea ice, through to its visualisation through the use of upward-looking sonars, and the modelling of sea ice and the flow of oil spilled under sea ice.

Dr Wilkinson’s scientific fieldwork, both in the Arctic and Antarctic, has been performed from many different platforms, including autonomous underwater vehicles, ice-breakers, helicopters, aeroplanes and ice camps. In addition his experience extends to the planning, organisation and participation of polar field campaigns (> 20 campaigns) and logistics and plays a crucial role in guiding the technological development of autonomous instrumentation, including automatic weather stations, drifting buoys, tilt-meters and sea ice mass balance buoys.

Jeremy has substantial experience in large multidisciplinary programmes e.g. ESOP-1, ESOP-2, SITHOS, CONVECTION, and DAMOCLES, which in turn is serving to widen his horizons to the holistic approach to earth-system science, and providing him with a deep understanding of the process occurring in the polar regions.

Dr Wilkinson has a number of major grants active (> €/£250k): These include the EU FP7 Arctic Climate Change, Economy and Society project (ACCESS: 2011-15), the European Science Foundation funded programme Arctic Ocean Sea-ice and Ocean Circulation Changes Using Satellite Methods: (SATICE: 2010-13), the NERC funded Sea ice Processes and Mass Balance in the Bellingshausen Sea (IceBell: 2010-13), the ONR funded MIZ programme (2012-15). Jeremy is coordinator of the new €12 million FP7 programme ICE-ARC (2014-17). It is through these and other programmes he has built up a broad network of national and international collaboration.

Contact information

Email: jpw28@bas.ac.uk