Professor John Pyle FRS, Lead Investigator

Professor John Pyle is the director of the Centre for Atmospheric Science at the University of Cambridge, a joint venture of the university’s departments of Chemistry, Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, and Geography.

His research involves numerical models which are run on supercomputers to study the current state and evolution of our atmosphere. In the troposphere, the lowest part of the atmosphere, its ability to cleanse itself of pollution and changes in this property are important research topics. Further up, in the stratosphere, the depletion of ozone from both polar regions and the relationship of greenhouse gases to this process are being studied.

More recently, the interactions between atmospheric chemistry and climate have become an important focus of Professor Pyle’s research. His research group have contributed a chemistry package to the UK Met Office’s climate model and found that surface ozone may increase to the point of becoming a health hazard in certain areas.

As well as being the Lead Investigator on the MAMM project, Professor Pyle is also a Co-Investigator on one of the projects affiliated to the Arctic Research Programme entitled 'Is the Arctic Methane Budget Changing'.

Professor Pyle is also involved in the Centre for Science and Policy, an organisation which promotes engagement between scientists and policymakers to their mutual benefit.

Contact information

Phone: 01223 336473