Professor Mathew Williams, Lead Investigator

Professor Mathew Williams is the Chair of Global Change Ecology at the University of Edinburgh, although he was recently a visiting scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research at Boulder, Colorado [until June 2013].

His research focusses on the terrestrial carbon cycle in terrestrial ecosystems and its links to global climatic change. In particular, he uses process-based modelling to study the interactions of soil and plant processes across environmental gradients.

In addition to being the Principal Investigator for CYCLOPS, Prof Williams also leads a variety of other NERC-funded projects including the terrestrial component of the NERC Greenhouse Gas Programme. These highlight his research foci outside of the Arctic, which include the impact of disturbance (from fire or human activity) on and drought sensitivity of forests. His website at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Geosciences features a section explaining his research for the layperson.

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Phone: 01316 507776