News: Scientists talk to Aurora College students in Inuvik

Published: 29 Oct 2013

This summer we were invited to give a talk to students on an “Environmental Monitor Training Program”, a five week course run by Aurora College in Inuvik.

The course is aimed at individuals who are interested in working in the environment sector and provides basic training on environmental concepts and measurement techniques.

Adam, the course tutor, aimed to expose his students to as many different techniques and concepts as possible, so to this end we delivered a talk entitled “Measuring the Carbon Cycle in Permafrost Regions”.

The talk included background to the HYDRA project research; the importance of carbon stocks in Arctic tundra regions, and why we would want to measure and understand them.

We also took some kit to show the class, and everyone had a go at breathing (some more vigorously than others) on the CO2 sensor and watching the readings change.

- Dr Lorna Street.