Dr Angus Best, Co-Investigator

My research interests include laboratory studies of the seismic and electrical properties of methane gas hydrates in marine sediments, in collaboration with the University of Southampton (OES, Civil Engineering, ISVR) during the EU Hydratech project (2001 - 2004) and subsequent EPSRC and NERC grants and studentships.

I participated in the 2011 research cruise (JR269a) off the western coast of Svalbard to collect high resolution seismic images of hydrate and gas escape features at and beneath the seabed, as well as controlled source electromagnetic data (NOC PI on NERC grant NE/H022260/1).

I am currently investigating acoustic frequency/electrical properties of hydrate-bearing sediments to improve remote detection and quantification of seabed hydrates (PI on NERC grant NE/J020753/1).

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