Dr Lorna Street, Knowledge Exchange

Dr Lorna Street is a postdoctoral fellow based at The University of Sheffield & Durham University.

Her expertise are in terrestrial ecosystem ecology, with a focus on carbon cycling in tundra and boreal biomes.

Prior to joining the PERMA-HYDRO-C project she worked as a postdoc at The University of Aberdeen, visiting Svalbard to assess the long-term effects of nutrient enrichment on plant community composition and ecosystem carbon storage.

She also previously worked as a postdoc at Bangor University, researching the fate and impacts of biologically fixed nitrogen in boreal forests. Lorna obtained her PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 2011, entitled "Carbon dynamics in Arctic vegetation".

She will focus on the terrestrial aspects of the HYDRA project, for example measuring and up-scaling carbon dioxide and methane fluxes and quantifying carbon allocation and turnover using stable isotope labeling.

Contact information

Email: L.E.Street@Sheffield.ac.uk
Phone: +44 (0)114 222 7990