Dr Sheldon Bacon, Lead Investigator

Dr Sheldon Bacon is a Marine Physicist,Oceanographer and Associate Head of the Marine Physics and Ocean Climate group at the National Oceanography Centre.

He has specialised in the Arctic and Southern Oceans for many years, more recently concentrating on the Arctic. Dr Bacon is particularly interested in circulations in the Arctic and Southern Oceans and the variability in fluxes of heat, salt and freshwater on different timescales.

As a member of NERC’s Polar Science Working Group, Dr Bacon contributed to the setting of NERC’s priorities in Arctic science. He was also heavily involved in the 2007/8 International Polar Year and sits on a number of other NERC and external committees, panels and research groups. He has organised events such as the first UK Arctic Science Conference in 2009, the first national and multidisciplinary event of its kind.

The TEA-COSI team maintain a website about their research at www.teacosi.org.

Contact information

Twitter: @SheldonBacon
Email: s.bacon@noc.ac.uk
Phone: 023 8059 6441